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    PeopleTools Tables - Part 6 - Other PeopleTools important Tables

    I have listed the PeopleTools tables in a series of posts earlier and this one is the last in this series.
    You can check the previous 5 posts here:

    Other Peoplesoft Tables

    Peoplesoft Portal Tables

    • PSPRSMDEFN - Content References and Folders
    • PSPRUHTABPGLT - Portal User HP Tab Pagelet
    • PSPRUHDEFN - Homepage definition
    • PSPRUHTAB - Homepage Tab
    • PSWEBPROFNVP - Web Profile Settings

    Peoplesoft  Change Control related Tables

    • PSCHGCTLHIST - shows history of locked definitions with project name, incident, and description
    • PSCHGCTLLOCK - shows definitions that are currently locked

    Peoplesoft HTML Definitions

    • PSCONTDEFN - shows header record; last update time, etc.
    • PSCONTENT - stores the actual text in the HTML definition

    Peoplesoft SQL Definitions tables

    • PSSQLDEFN - header record; last update time, etc.
    • PSSQLTEXTDEFN - stores the actual text in the SQL definition

    File Layout Definitions

    • PSFLDDEFN - header record; last update time, etc.
    • PSFLDSEGDEFN - stores the segments for each layout
    • PSFLDFIELDDEFN - stores the fields for each layout

    Peoplesoft  Workflow related tables

    • APPR_RULE_DETL - Approval Rule Definition Details
    • APPR_RULE_FIELD - Approval Rule Definition Route Cntl
    • APPR_RULE_AMT - Approval Rule Amounts
    • RTE_CNTL_LN - Route Control Profile Line
    • RTE_CNTL_RUSER - RoleUser Route Control Profiles
    • RTE_CNTL_TYPE - Route Control Type
    • RTE_CNTL_HDR - Routing Control Type
    • PSWORKLIST - list of work items for each user
    • PS_WF_INSTSTATUS - description of the status

    Peoplesoft Timings related tables


    COBOL\SQL Statements

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