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    PeopleTools Tables - Part 4 - Application Engine Related PeopleTools Tables

    After posting on PeopleTools tables related to PS-Queries, PeopleSoft Security definitions and for definitions created in App designer, here is my next one in this series listing the PeopleTools tables related to Application engine.
    App Engine - PeopleTools Tables

     PeopleTools tables related to Application engine

    • PSAEAPPLDEFN -  header record; 1 row per app engine
    • PSAEAPPLSTATE - state records associated with app engines
    • PSAEAPPLTEMPTBL - temporary tables assigned to app engines
    • PSAESECTDEFN - information on sections in an app engine
    • PSAESTEPDEFN - information on steps in an app engine
    • PSAESTEPMSGDEFN - App Engine message action definition
    • PSAESTMTDEFN -  App Engine Statement definition. It has a field AE_STMT_TYPE field and the possible values are listed below.  This is useful if you are looking for an Application Engine with a certain type of action.
      • H = Do When
      • N = Do Until
      • C = Call Section
      • W = Do While
      • X = XSLT
      • M = Log Message
      • S = SQL
      • P = PeopleCode
      • D = DoSelect

    • PSAESECTDTLDEFN - Detailed definition of AE Sections
    • PS_AEINSTANCENBR - Table contains temporary instance numbers. This table has all possible temporary instance numbers (currently 1-99). This table is necessary to find a number that is not being used in PSAETEMPTBLMGR. To know more about, usage of temporary table instances in App Engine, please check out my previous post on Temporary Table Instances - Overview
    • PS_AELOCKMGR - App Engine Lock. This record is used to ensure single threaded updates to the temp table usage.

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