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    PeopleTools Tables - Part 3 - PeopleTools records for basic definitions in PeopleSoft Application Designer

    After PeopleTools Tables - Part 1 - PeopleTools table for PS-Queries, and PeopleTools Tables - Part 2 - PeopleTools records for Security Definition the next set of PeopleTools records is here related to basic PeopleSoft object definitions related to Application development.

    Record for Projects:
    1. PSPROJDEFNLANG - Project Definition Lang Table
    2. PSPROJECTDEFN        - Project Definition Table
    3. PSPROJECTDEP - Incident Dependency Table
    4. PSPROJECTINC - Project Incidents Table
    5. PSPROJECTITEM - Project Item Table Here are couple of my posts on PSPROJECTITEM Part 1 and Part 2 which will help in understanding PSPROJECTITEM record. Here is another post on PSPROJECTITEM record which explains querying PSPROJECTITEM data and extracting it to spreadsheet
    6. PSPROJECTMSG - Project Messages

    Record for Fields:
    1. PSDBFIELD - A table with all Database Fields
    2. PSDBFIELDLANG - Alternate language for PSDBFIELD table
    3. PSDBFLDLABL - DBField Label Table where FIELDNAME represents DBField name while LABEL_ID is a unique ID of Field Label.
    4. PSDBFLDLABLLANG - DBField Label Language Table
    5. PSXLATITEM - Translate Value Items

    Record for Records:
    1. PSRECDEFN - Record header table
    2. PSRECFIELD - Fields in the record (subrecords not expanded)
    3. PSRECFIELDALL - Fields in the record (subrecords expanded)
    4. PSKEYDEFN - Indexes
    5. PSTBLSPCCAT - Tablespaces
    6. PSRECTBLSPC - Records’ tablespace assignments
    Record for Indexes:
    Record for Pages:
    1. PSPNLDEFN - Page header table
    2. PSPNLFIELD - Page controls 
    3. PSPNLHTMLAREA - Static HTML Areas on Pages
    Record for Components:
    1. PSPNLGRPDEFN - Component header table
    2. PSPNLGROUP - Pages in the components
    Record for Component Interfaces:
    1. PSBCDEFN - header record; one row for each Component Interface
    2. PSBCITEM - one row for each property
    3. PSAUTHBUSCOMP - Component Interfaces access table. Links Permission Lists, Component Interfaces, Methods and Authorized Actions
    Record for Menus:
    1. PSMENUDEFN - Menu header table
    2. PSMENUITEM - Items (components) on the menu

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