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    PeopleTools Tables - Part 5 - Process Scheduler Tables

    In this post, I have listed down the PeopleTools metatables related to PeopleSoft Process Scheduler.

    Please do check out my previous posts on PeopleTools tables related to PS-QueriesPeopleSoft Security definitionsdefinitions created in App designer, and PeopleTools tables related to Application engine.

    You may also want to know the list of tables affected by PeopleSoft Process Scheduler purge process - PRSYSPURGE. You can find more about PeopleSoft purge process for Process Scheduler in one of my previous posts.

    Process Scheduler Tables
    Process Scheduler Tables

    List of PeopleSoft Process Scheduler tables

    • PS_PRCSDEFN - Process Definition Header
    • PS_PRCSDEFNGRP - Process Group
    • PS_PRCSDEFNPNL - Component
    • PS_PRCSJOBDEFN - Job Header
    • PSPRCSRQST - Process Request Instances
    • PS_PRCSJOBITEM - Job Processes
    • PSPRCSQUE - Process Request Queue
    • PSPRCSPARMS - Contains process request parameters used by Process Scheduler to run the process
    • PS_PRCSRQSTDIST - Content Dist Manager - User access. This table is used to authorize user access to the content 
    • PS_MESSAGE_LOG - Message log table
    • PSPRCSRQSTTEXT - Process Request Text. Contains all long text fields associated with a process request
    • PS_MESSAGE_LOGPARM - Parameters used for Message log
    • PSPRCSRQSTXFER - Process Request - Transfer. This record contains the panel transfer keys for a process request that has a panel transfer in it's definition.
    • PS_CDM_LIST - Content Distribution Manager - Content List. This record is used by Content Distribution Manager to sore the content list that are sent to the content repository.
    • PRCSDEFNLANG - Related language for all process definitions
    • PRCSDEFNXFER - Process definition - Panel transfers. Used to setup information related to allow users to transfer to a desired page upon successful completion of the program from Process Monitor
    • PRCSDEFNNOTIFY - Process definition - notifications. The table contains information on all the users or roles to be notified based on the process status
    • PRCSDEFNCNTDIST - Process definition - Distribution. The table contains list of users or roles authorized to view all generated reports and/or logs for the process
    • PRCSDEFNMESSAGE - Process definition messages
    • PRCSDEFNMETA - used to sore any metastring for JCL in OS 390.

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