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    View option not available in Oracle Fusion Page Composer

    Hi reader, If you have any of the below questions on oracle fusion , then you are in the right page.
    • Oracle Fusion users cannot see the source view when customizing pages?
    • Source view is not available when customizing pages. How to resolve it?
    • Why source view and design view not available in page composer - Oracle Fusion?

    Yes , let us see how to resolve the above mentioned Oracle Fusion issue that "View option not available in page composer"

    There are two Page Composer Views
    • Design view
    • Source view
    To open a view option, the required view option(Design/Source) must be selected from the View menu at the top eft former of the page.

    Both these view options share many common page modification features, some unique features are available in each view.

    Root Cause of the issue:

     There is a new profile option for customization that needs to be enabled. The new profile option is FND_PAGE_COMPOSER_SOURCE_VIEW which is used to render the Source View to support customization.

    Solution to resolve the issue

    • Navigate to Setup and Maintenance
    • From the ‘Tasks’ list on the mid right page, select ‘Search’
    • Search for the task - Manage Administrator Profile Values
    • In the ‘Search : Profile Option’, search for the ‘Profile Option Code’ - FND_PAGE_COMPOSER_SOURCE_VIEW
    • At the end of the page, under Profile Values
    • For Profile Level – Site, change the profile Value from No to Yes
    • Click on Save/Save and Close

    •  Log out and log in back again and go to sandbox
    • Navigate to the required page to make changes, ‘View’ menu should be available now with ‘Design’ as the default option. Design View is the default option for SUI.


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