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    Temporary Table Instances - Overview

    Temporary Tables for PeopleSoft Application Engine programs can be set in PSOPTIONS table at the fields
    2) TEMPINSTANCEONLINE. Both are set to 3 by default, however TEMPINSTANCEBATCH should be 0(also defaulted), for all products except EPM. Whenever, these numbers are changed, the temporary tables should be rebuilt to make use of the revised setting here.

    Total no. of instances for a Temporary Table(T) = 
    Total no. of online table instances specified in PeopleTools options(A) + No. of instances set for that table in all Application Engines(B) + Base(base table occurrence with instance no as #) (C)

    Total no. of online instances(A) an be set at Peopletools > Utilities > Administration > PeopleTools Options

    Points to Note:

    • Total temporary instances (online) is the no. of temporary tables for App Engine programs started online from peoplecode using the CallAppEngine function.
    • Total temporary instances Online(A) is always less than or equal to the total temporary instances(T)
    • When an AE is of batch type, it means the AE will be never run online with a CallAppEngine function, TEMPINSTANCEONLINE instances will not be built.
    • When an AE using temporary table does not complete successfully, the particular instance of the temporary table is not available untile the AE is restarted and runs to success. Alternatively, such instances can be freed out by deleting the "No Success" process instance from PS_AETEMPTBLMGR and the usual PS_AERUNCONTROL tables.


    1. Hi Can you please let me know what do you mean by "Base(base table occurrence with instance no as #) (C)" in "Total no. of instances for a Temporary Table(T)" calculation.

      1. @Arnab Mitra, any AE with instance as n will always create a base table without any suffix and multiple instances with underscore n up to the no. defined. That's what I mean here as 'C'


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