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    How to add a missing Person ID to a User ID/Account in Oracle Fusion HCM Cloud

    There are couple of issue around adding a person id to a user account in oracle HCM suit. Below are the couple of use cases/ issue which we will discuss deep in this post.

    Issue 1: When creating a user account in Oracle HCM, Person ID was not associated and at a later stage unable to associate a person id to the user account. So, how to associate a Person ID with an existing user account in Oracle HCM?

    Issue 2: On clicking My Client Groups > Learning > Any available option, triggers an error message in Oracle HCM  that - "You cannot access this page because no person ID exists for your user name."

    user Id Error HCM

    This happens because the user accessing the Learn pages does not have a person ID mapped with their user account. Either use an user account with person ID, and Learning Specialist role or follow the below steps to link a person ID to an user account.

    Solution for Mentioned Oracle HCM issue:

    1. My Client Groups > Person Management
    2. Search for the required person, and click on Person Name. Please make sure to select a person id who is active, and does not have an user account already.
    3. Click on Tasks > Personal and Employment > User Account
    4. If the selected person does not have an user account(as specified in step 2), then it would present two options - i. Link an Existing User Account and ii. Create a User Account
    5. Click on 'Link an Existing User Account'
    6. Now in 'Link User Account', from the dropdown for 'User Name' field select the required user.
    7. In case personal data needs to be copied to LDAP, from Actions click on 'Synchronize With Identity Store' then 'Synchronize' else skip this step.

    Backdrop information - you might be interested to know

    When a person is hired in Oracle HCM\Fusion Application(FA), or batch of users loaded, the user records will be created in  Oracle Identity Manager(OIM) with the attributes - FA Person ID and FA User ID. Once we link a User Account to a person ID, application will automatically trigger update in the background to update FA Person ID and FA User ID attributes in OIM.

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