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    Oracle HCM Spreadsheet loader shows as success but changes won't reflect in UI - User.dat business object

    There is an issue in Oracle HCM that after running HCM Spreadsheet data loader(HSDL) for User.dat - Business Object, the load shows as success but the changes are not visible in the UI. The issue is the same with Create, Update, and Delete, where status shows as Success in spreadsheet loader, but changes are not reflected in the UI.

    HDL-Hcm Data Loader issue

    Similarly it happens also with HCM Data Loader (HDL) for User.dat file gets loaded successfully, the file might have MERGE/DELETE doesn't matter, but changes are not visible in the UI irrespective of whether user id was created, or roles were added/dropped to the user, or any other changes, or even if the user id was deleted. HDL will show status as  Success but the changes are not visible in Oracle HCM Cloud application.


    Whether it is HDL or HSDL, for User.dat business object, the changes will not be immediately visible in the UI. Run the process 'Send Pending LDAP Requests' and it should resolve the issue. To know more on Send Pending LDAP Requests - read it here from 21B version of Oracle documentation itself.

    Issue 3:

    • Created new users, or modified roles(role provisioning), or updated user accounts through HDL with User.dat file or HSDL for User business object, the data loading status is success. Or you could have tried the same via a REST API call.
    • Ran 'Send Pending LDAP Requests' job which also went to success. 


    • In "Manage Enterprise HCM Information" task, under the section "User and Role Provisioning Information", check if User Account Creation is set as None. If it is set to None, change it to 'Party users' or 'Both person and party users' as required.
    • Depending on the need on whether you are doing user account maintenance or user account role provisioning, modify the values accordingly in the same section.
    • Then run the job - 'Send Pending LDAP Requests'

    A key thing to note is 'Send Pending LDAP Requests' job doesn't run when User Account Maintenance is set to No.


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