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    SQL query to find out list of users who have access to a Page and information on which Permission list enables the user to access the page:
    FROM   psoprcls 
    WHERE  oprclass IN (SELECT DISTINCT classid 
                        FROM   psauthitem 
                        WHERE  pnlitemname = :1) 

    This query can be modified as below to see if a user has access to a particular component and if yes through which permission list.

    FROM            psoprcls 
    WHERE           oprclass IN 
                                 SELECT DISTINCT classid 
                                 FROM            psauthitem 
                                 WHERE           pnlitemname = :1--required component name) 
    AND             oprid = :2      --required userid

    How to Query Which Components Are Accessed by Which Roles?
    For example, for component "JOB_DATA", to find out which role should be given to a user which gives them access to that component or page use the following SQL.
    SELECT * 
    FROM   psauthitem A, 
           psroleclass B, 
           psroleuser C 
    WHERE  A.baritemname IN ( :1 ) 
           AND A.classid = B.classid 
           AND C.rolename = B.rolename 
           AND C.roleuser = 'PS' 

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