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    Workflow errors on New Hire and Add employment instance

    User tries to hire a new person or tries to add a new organization relationship encounters a series of error messages related to workflow as shown below. Even in vanilla installation, ‘PS’ user id would experience the same issue.
    Workflow errors on New Hire and Add employment instance

    Error Message 1:
    Role Benefits Administrator has no members. (52,7) 

    This role doesn't have any members; if it's a query role, the query returned no results.
    The system couldn't use the ROLEUSER specified as the System Default User in the Workflow Administrator, either because no System Default User has been identified or because the specified ROLEUSER was invalid.
    There is a problem in calling TriggerBusinessEvent for the indicated Business Process/Event.
    Review the program for errors.  If necessary, run a PeopleCode trace to determine the program that failed.
    The PeopleCode TriggerBusinessEvent built-in function was used by the specified PeopleCode program and failed to execute correctly on the client  workstation.

    Error Message 2:
    Error when attempting to trigger Business Process / Event: Administer Workforce / Hire Employee (67,2) 

    Error Message 3:
    TriggerBusinessEvent failed for Administer Workforce.Hire Workforce-Hire Employee. (2,302) JOB.EMPLID.Workflow  PCPC:439  Statement:3 

    At first look, issue seems to be because the role – 'Benefits Administrator' is missing for the user id accessing the system.
    • If the role is missing to the user id, make sure to add it.
    Carefully reading the second portion of the first error message, will reveal another aspect to see if there is no system default user or even if there is one, is it a valid user with 'Benefits Administrator' role.
    • Navigate to PeopleTools > Workflow > Set Workflow Defaults and verify there is a system default userid. If there is one already, verify the user is active and has 'Benefits Administrator' role.
    If none of these help, let's pay attention to the second and third error messages. It is clear that there is an issue with 'Hire Employee' event, 'Hire Workforce' Business activity and 'Administer Workforce' Business process, Opening the workflow objects in app designer will give further inputs.

    Open 'Hire Workforce' Business activity, there will be an email as 'Benefits Administrator'. This indicates, that there will be an email triggered to users with role 'Benefits Administrator.
    ·                Now find out at least one user or system default workflow user with this role
    ·                For the identified user visit user profile page in PeopleTools > Security > User profile > General tab
    ·               Ensure an email address is added
    ·               Then go to Workflow tab and ensure 'Email User' option is selected.

    Doing these changes should resolve the issue. The error message can also occur on doing a termination transaction. It can also happen with the role name changing to Payroll Administrator or Training Administrator or Facilities Administrator or MIS administrator or VC administrator. Similar steps should resolve the issue.

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