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    Audit Table - Flags does not get migrated while copying a project to Target environment using Application Designer

    While performing upgrades or migrating projects between environments, I have noticed that the Audit Table and Audit Flags are not getting migrated properly from the source environment to the target environment.

    Looking at this issue, I identified that the Audit table and audit flags are not getting copied to target environment, due to incorrect setting in the 'Copy Options'  while copying a project from a source database to target database through Application Designer. Actually, there is a setting while copying projects to either move the audit table and audit flags are to skip them. In order to verify this, perform the following:
    1. In Application Designer try to copy a project from Source to required Target environment
    2. Sign in to Target Database when prompted

    3. Now, click on 'Options' in the Copy Dialog and then click on 'General Options'
    4. Now we could see a section as 'Audit Flags on Records'. There are two radio buttons in this section:
      • 'Keep Target Audit Flags' - This is the default value and if is selected the audit flags will not be migrated. Because using this option preserves the enabled target flags and the audit flags enabled in the source are also retained. Differences between the Source and target databases never get displayed in the compare report.
      • 'Set Target Audit Flags' - If this value is selected target flags from the source environment are moved to the target environment.
    This concept is also explained in Application Designer Peoplebook.


    1. HI Shyam ,

      Thank you. The details what you mentioned here are really helpful.

    2. Thanks for the tip!!


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