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    About Page Item Name, Component Item Name and Menu Item Name

    Most of often I have seen that even a person who has stayed with PeopleSoft techincal finding it difficult to identify where to change the label if users asks to do so in an existing page. Whether to modify PeopleSoft Page Item Name or Component Item Name or Menu Item Name and end up changing in trial and error method. This post briefs on where these three item names can be set and where the changes would be visible.

    PageItem Name:
    Displays a name for each page in the component. This name must be unique in the component, and the default is the page name. This name is for informational purposes only. If you use the same page on more than one component, you might want to change the item name to reflect the purpose of the page in the component.

    Where to set PageItem Name?
    Though it is called as PageItem(Panelitem) name it is a property at component level and cannot be set at page level.
    Item Label
    Serves as the default folder tab label, unless a different label is specified. The item label should be unique for each page in a single component menu. The folder tab label is usually used when shorter names are needed for folder tabs.

    Where to View?

    Bar (Component) Item: 
    Where to Set?
    In the Menu definition, the thick rectangle surrounding the bar item indicates that this element in the menu definition is currently selected. The empty, dashed rectangle is a placeholder for a new bar item label. Double-click the rectangle to display the Bar Item Properties dialog box. Enter/Edit the bar item name and label. The most commonly used bar item name is Use. The new(if new) label appears in the menu and the empty rectangle appears in a new location.

    Where to view?

    Menu Item Label:
    Where to Set?
    On the menu definition, double click and access the properties of the menu. Specify the text label to appear on the menu. The label appears in the Home bar item or in a cascade menu of a menu group. You can place an ampersand in the text to assign a keyboard shortcut for the menu.

    Where to View?


    1. Can I dynamically change the page item label using people code? I want a page to name 'X' for certain group of users and 'Y' for another group, for the same page in the same component.

    2. yes, it can be done through the Field property "label"

      1. Can you show a exemple how i do that?
        I want change the page title with peoplecode.

      2. label for only a field can be changed at run time. I don't think PeopleSoft supports changing page label at run time through peoplecode.


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