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    PS-Query does not run even after clicking Run

    PS-Query does not run from PIA either after click of 'Run' or 'Run to Excel' or 'Run to HTML'. On clicking these buttons/links nothing happens and the page(browser) remains AS-IS instead of launching new window to run the PS-Query where it would also prompt for parameters if available. This is an Internet Explorer Settings Issue.

    In Internet Explorer select:
    Tools > Internet Options > On the Security Tab > Select Custom level > Select Enable for Automatic prompting for file downloads

    Alternatively you can also add the PIA URL to Trusted sites and do the above change in case you cannot enable automatic prompting for file downloads for all sites.

    In PeopleSoft 9.1, the 'View Results' button no longer looks like a button as it was earlier in PeopleSoft 8.9 and before. So users might tend to overlook upon 'View Results' as it more looks like a static text instead of a button though it does what it is meant to. Make sure you click upon 'View Results' to retrieve query results in PIA.

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