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    Unlimited Runtime Licenses Patch (ULP) for COBOL Programs to avoid Remote Call Errors

    When running On Demand Event Maintenance(PSPBARUN process) under Automated Enrollment the below error message keeps occuring:
    Remote program PSPBARUN failed with reason:
    NAME:OEDM_RemoteCall PCP:355 Statement:4
    Called from:BENEF_PB_WRK_OE=DEM_REPROC_PB.FieldChange

    After verifying most possible sources for this error, one might still getting this error message. It is like you get the message once or few times and without doing any other change, the error gets resolved in itself and the process runs to success after sometime. Strange, isn't it?

    Apart from the possible causes and troubleshooting steps, if this Remote Call error from PeopleSoft occurs intermittently and runs to success without any other data or setup change, then most probably it should be a licensing issue.

    The log file would show the error "No Application Server License Available: n system and 0 user license installed n in use"

    The issue can be reproduced by running several (more than n) cobol processes at the same time/concurrently.

    The licensing error is caused because there are only n runtime licenses available for this site's install which are being used up by other cobol processes and therefore no license is available to the next processes causing it to fail.

    In the license database, 1 developer and n runtime license key for the compiler exists but there is no unlimited runtime license. So the unlimited runtime license patch (ULP) is not applied.

    Therefore when n runtime licenses are used up, the error is encountered. This site is running a production environment with several users and more than n cobol processes would be kicked off concurrently.

    The following steps will resolve the error:
    1) Drop an email to licensecodes_ww@oracle.com requesting unlimited runtime license patch (ULP)  files. In the email, please also include the compiler version, PeopleTools release and operating system release/version.
    2) Apply the ULP per instructions provided with the patch
    3) Once the patch is applied check / validate the presence of the license in the license database.
                cd to $COBDIR/aslmf and run apptrack
    4) Bounce the app server
    5) Rerun the cobol processes to test

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