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    How to read long and short values (XLAT) values from a SQR?

    Every PS resource knows that the translate values are stored in PSXLATITEM table. However to retrieve them in a SQR, PS provides a SQC which can be used to retrieve the XLAT(Translate) Values from PSXLATITEM table without adding a new procedure/SQL with the EFFDT and all the required conditions.

    ‘READXLAT.sqc’ is the SQC that can be used to read data from the PeopleSoft Translate Table(PSXLATITEM). How to access the values from this SQC?

    1. Include READXLAT.SQC in the SQR
    2. Populate $fieldname and $fieldvalue with the required fieldname and values for which Translate values are to be retrieved.
    3. Call the procedure Read-Translate-Table to retrieve the values from PSXLATITEM.
    4. Get either $XLATLongName or $XLATShortName to get Long or Short values respectively.

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