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    What are all the Various SQCs available ?

    What are all the various SQCs available for use? Some of the times I end up writing my own procedures(absolute waste of time) due to lack of knowledge on various SQCs. Here is the list of some of the SQCs available. 
    1. Askftd.sqc - This asks from/thru date for reporting of heading
    2. Askaod.sqc - Procedure to call is Ask-As-of-Date
    3. CurDtTim.sqc - Gets the Current Date Time from System
    4. DateTime.sqc - Convert date from system format calling InitDate-Time procedure to set format.
    5. DateMath.sqc - Converts Native Date format to YYYY-MM-DD.
    6. Eoj.sqc - determines End of job for an SQR report.
    7. FSHdg01.sqc, FSHdg04.sqc - for Standard Headers for PS Financials.
    8. HRHdg01.sqc, HRHdg04.sqc - for Standard Headers for PS HCM.
    9. Number.sqc     - Provides Number related Functions
    10. Opsys.sqc - Operating system settings.
    11. PrcsApi.Sqc - Used in Process Scheduler SQR Programs, to get Run control parameters 
    12. RDBMS.sqc - Database Settings. These files uses #DEFINE command to set the variables.
    13. ReadXlat.sqc - Read the Translate Table for the desired values (Very Important)
    14. Reset.sqc - Used for Footing Section that prints ‘End-of-Report’.
    15. SetEnv.sqc - Sets Environment for Country, Printer-Paper, Language, Date,  Platform specific parameters, It also contains Opsys.sqc, RDBMS.sqc
    16. Setup01.sqc - This is generally called from Begin-Setup section for Portrait Size 
    17. Setup02.sqc - This is generally called from Begin-Setup section for Landscape Size
    18. STDHDGTR.sqc  - Performs Language Conversion
    19. STDHDG01.sqc - Provides Standard heading for language conversion
    20. StdApi.sqc - Gets Std API calls 
    21. Trancntrl.sqc - Purpose is to COMMIT, ROLLBACK etc. across DB platforms
    22. Convertcurrency.sqc - To convert currencies
    23. AllMaxes.max - It is used for dynamic memory allocations before the execution of SQR.

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