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    Setting that controls the display time of "Saved" message

    After every user initiated save, PeopleSoft delivered "Saved" image(yes it is not a text and the image name is SAVE_CONFIRM) that appears in the top right of every component. This message gets displayed for 3seconds by delivered standards. However, how\where to modify the time that after user initiated save?

    Save Confirmation Display Time:
    The setting is available under Web Profile Configuration.
    Navigation: PeopleTools > Web Profile > Web Profile Configuration
    Under General tab, the value entered in "Save Confirmation Display Time" controls this. The default value is 3000milliseconds(3 seconds). The maximum value that can be entered is 99,999,999 milliseconds which is equivalent to 1.16days!

    Inactivity Warning and Inactivity Logout Timing:
    The same can also be entered for Inactivity Warning and Inactivity Logout. These values are available in the same navigation under PeopleTools > Web Profile > Web Profile Configuration > Security. The default value for "Inactivity Warning" is 1080seconds(18min)  and "Inactivity Logout" is 1200secods(20min). The maximum value that can be provide is 99,999,999 seconds which is equivalent to a whopping 3.17years!!!

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