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    Obsoleted Benefit Calculation fields in PS HCM Release 9.1

    While performing upgrade from PS HCM 8.9 to 9.1, noticed that some of the important fields in benefit related tables have been obsoleted and replaced with new fields which are not direct substitutions.
    In LIFE_ADD_BEN record, LIFE_ADD_COVRG and FACTOR_XSALARY fields are no longer present. Similarly in LIFE_ADD_TBL record FLAT_AMOUNT and  fields flat_amount and LIFE_ADD_COVRG fields are no longer available.

    Benefits Rates are re-designed by PeopleSoft in PS HCM Release 9.1(I believe it's the case in 9.0 as well). FLAT_AMOUNT and FACTOR_XSALARY fields are now part of the Benefits Formula Definition table - PS_BN_FORM_DEF.  All rates live now in BN_RATE_TBL AND BN_RATE_DATA tables. Flat Amount is one of the rate types now.

    LIFE_ADD_COVRG field has the following Translate values in release 8.9.
    • 1 - Flat Amount;
    • 2 - Factor x Salary;
    • 3 - Specified at Employee Level;
    • 4 - Special Calculation Routine (defined outside PeopleSoft);
    • 5 - Sum of Dependent Coverage
    While analyzing the Benefit formula created by PeopleSoft as part of data conversion from PS8.9 to PS9.1, even flat amounts are now mapped to Benefit Formula (Formula id).

    The upgrade PeopleSoft conversion process - UPG_BN89 does this conversion.

    1. First, unique formulas are created for flat amounts which are mapped back to the FLAT_AMOUNT values in LIFE_ADD_TBL ( UPG_BN89.HCBNSFLT.STEP010 )
    2. For all the hard coded Formula Conversion,  UPG_BN89 App Engine creates formulas according to the values in Calc Rule Table and inserts a finally converted formula in to Benefits Formula definition table - BN_FORM_DEF. Oracle advises that these formulas may not be accurate and hence it makes sense to visit every benefit formula and see if it meets the user requirements.

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