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    Invoke Core CIs Utility - A possibility to test a Component Interface from PIA

    Invoke Core CIs Utility is something interesting that I came across very recently. This PeopleSoft delivered utility can be used to launch a component interface with sample data to test and see if it executes in the manner in which it is desired to work.

    The navigation for Invoke Core CIs:
    Set Up HRMS > System Administration > Utilities > Invoke Core CIs

    The following inputs could be given in this page:
    • 'Name of the CI' to be tested
    • Access mode of the CI - Essentially selecting and populating Create, Find and Get keys as required.
    • Sort Order - For searching by more than one key field, indicate the order in which the system should sort the results.
    • A check box that allows to selecting writing a log file.
    • Key Property and Value - The CI's key properties are the search keys, we have to select key fields to use in the search in the KeyProperty field and enter the value of that field to use in the search in the Value field. For Create action mode, all the key properties must be provided.
    There is an additional section in this page called as 'Actions to be Performed'. The options here are:
    • We could specify the action(Delete, Get, Insert, Invoke, Update, Update no Insert) which needs to be processed.
      • Delete - As the name implies to delete data rows that match the values entered.
      • Get - To retrieve data rows that match the values entered.
      • Invoke Method - This method should be selected to execute the method for the CI.
      • Update no Insert - To update the existing row of data.
      • Update - Inserts a new, effective dated row in effective-dated components or updates the data in components that are not effective dated.
      • Insert - To insert a new data row with the values entered. Caution must be used while using Insert and Update actions. For example, if the current row is dated 01/01/2011
        • to insert a row effective 01/01/2010 while still maintaining the 01/01/2011 row as the current row, select 'Insert'.
        • to insert a new row effective 12/07/2011 and to have this as the current row use 'Update' action. Sounds vague? :) We have to realign our thought process to understand this.
    • A Sequence Number field to indicate the order in which the system should execute the actions specified above.
    • The most interesting feature is a check box called as 'Carry Forward' which when checked updates any rows in the component that are more current than the row we are attempting to insert using the CI.
    • Parent Collection Name where we need to provide the collection in which we would want to update data.
    • Sort Order, KeyProperty, and Value where one need to select the key field or fields(Collection Keys) for the scroll and enter the values of the row upon which we would want to execute the action.
    • Sort Order, Property, and Value where one could select the fields(Property/Values Pairs) in the collection and the field values to be used in the action.
    And the next tab(page) is Error Log in this component, the information in this page could be used to review if there are any errors after invoking a CI as above.

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