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    Why PeopleSoft menu and User Interface in PeopleTools 8.50(application 9.1 release) are still looking as previous versions?

    Ever wondered why after an upgrade to PeopleTools 8.50 from an older application release prior to 9.1, the PIA User Interface still resembles the older application? Why is the Top Menu Features not working? Why is the look and feel of PIA still the same as the previous application. What about all the new features of 8.50 Tools and 9.1 application?

    When PeopleTools 8.50 installation is done from the previously installed application(old application release prior to 9.1 from which the upgrade is performed), the tools settings remain the same in the new installation. So, we have to change these default settings which are listed below:

    Navigation: PeopleTools > Utilities > Administration > PeopleTools Options
    The Style Sheet Name should be set to PSSTYLEDEF_SWAN

    Navigation: PeopleTools > Portal > General Settings
    Make sure the Navigation Type is set to 'Drop-Down' instead of 'Left'

    Navigation: PeopleTools > Portal Utilities > System Options
    The Style Sheet Name should be set to PSSTYLEDEF_SWAN

    That's it. If changes are still not reflected clear the cache and check again; it should be ok.

    Check out for my earlier posts on users facing issues with Top Menu Features Description and Menu Navigation Error; issues with PT_TOOLS_HIDDEN folder in PeopleTools 8.50(application release 9.1).

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