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    Remote Program PSPBARUN failed with reason --- ODEM_RemoteCall PCPC:335 Statement:4

    When On Demand Event Maintenance is used for any event, the process does not close out the event on Event status Update due to error messages.

    Benefits > Manage Automated Enrollment > Events > On-Demand Event Maintenance

    Error 1 - Remote Program PSPBARUN failed with reason:

    Check this post on how to resolve this error?

    Error 2 - Could not start child program /home/hr88sp1/bin/PSRUNRMT:
    /home/hr881sp1/cblbin/PSPBARUN REMOTEA (2.-1) At BENEF_PB_WRK.ODEM_SCHED_ACTY_PB.FieldDefault ODEM_RemoteCall PCPC:335

    However, if the batch process using the run control is used, everything process correctly and closes the event. Why is this happening?

    Check the below posts on the required settings; the trace and troubleshooting methods and make changes as required:
    1. Enabling trace file and Remote Call Child Process Output Redirection - This itself should resolve the issue if not go ahead with the below two posts. 
    2. Testing RemoteCall in PeopleSoft
    3. How to troubleshoot Remote Call COBOL in PeopleSoft application server?

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