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    Position History does not Reflect Correct End Date When Employee has Multiple Effective Sequences.

    When an employee has data on same effective date and multiple effective sequences then Position History does not show the Position End Date as expected. This happens in PeopleSoft HRMS Enterprise Release 8.9 and 9.0.

    As expected, this is an issue in delivered PeopleSoft with Position History. This is a mere continuation of my previous posts with Position data - 1) Issues with Position Entry Date on Hire Date Changes, 2) Issues with Jobcode Entry Date and Department Entry Date are not getting updated through POSITION_DATA  and 3) Error message when hire date is altered on hiring an employee using Position Number and Contract Data. In this Position Data series of posts came across this issue with End Date in Position History showing incorrect end dates when an employee has data across effective sequences. 

    As with the other three issues with POSITION_DATA, got the solution for this one as well from My Oracle Support. The solution provided below:

    Applies to:
    PeopleSoft Enterprise HRMS Human Resources - Version: 8.9 to 9 - Release: 8.9 to 9 Enterprise, HCM, Human Resources, 8.9

    The Position History Page does not always reflect a Position End Date, or displays an incorrect Position End Date when there are multiple same effective date sequence rows. It appears the logic that the POSN_HISTORY2 record has problems with the effective sequence logic.

    This issue was reported in Bug 1630882000 and resolved in the following bundles:
    HRMS 8.9 Bundle #13 Update 689727
    HRMS 9.0 Bundle #3 Update 689848

    To implement the solution, complete the following steps:
    1. Download and review the instructions and requisites for the appropriate bundle listed above.
    2. Apply the bundle in a test environment.
    3. Test the issue.
    4. Migrate the bundle to your other environments as appropriate.

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