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    Authorization Error in PeopleSoft PIA's "Top Menu Features Description" pagelet

    In PeopleSoft HCM 9.1 PIA, there is a new pagelet which displays the "Top Menu Features Description". This pagelet is accessible for the users having the permission list - PTPT1000. However in real time, rolling out this PTPT1000 permission list for production users is not preferred. We instead clone this permission list and create a new one removing the other privileges in PTPT1000 permission list which we would not want a normal end user in production to be exposed with. When cloning of the Permission list is not done properly, it results in several issues. 

    Error Message: "Authorization Error - Contact your security administrator."
    One such issue is the Top Menu Features Description pagelet showing message as "Authorization Error - Contact your security administrator." This issue is common in PeopleSoft HCM 9.1 or in PeopleSoft applications with PeopleTools 8.50, 8.51, 8.52 and 8.53.  

    This issue is with the cloning of permission list PTPT1000. For users with roles having PTPT1000 permission list(generally super users) will have no such issue. 

    The web libraries defined for portal will have to be associated correctly with the newly created (cloned) permission list with proper access. To resolve this error message, make sure that this web library WEBLIB_PT_NAV is added to the permission list and given Full Access. And that solves it!!!


    1. This Weblibrary is there but I am still getting the same message.

      IT is a great place to start.

      Thank you.

    2. I posted yesterday it was a great place to start. Today I found out it was the PERFECT place to start.

      We are upgrading from PTools 8.46 to PTools 8.52 and the WEBLIBS have gone from 9 to 22.

      After some additional research I went back and activated (FULL ACCESS) the entire 22 items in WEBLIB_PT_NAV and found that I am now successful.

      Thank you again for posting and helping be a success.


    3. Thank you, its help me a lot.

    4. Thanks a lot for this information.Helped me to solve my issue.


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