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    Finding the Navigation of PeopleSoft Components - Part 3 - How to find the Portal Navigation of a PeopleSoft page, component, subpage etc..?

    For those familiar with releases prior to PeopleSoft HCM Enterprise Release 9.1 and PeopleTools version 8.50 the answer would be this.

    Do a 'Find Definition Reference' to the sub page, secondary page, page, component and then find the menu. Once the menu is known, find out the data from PSPRSMDEFN table and navigate. Sounds simple but we know it isn't always simple. So we queried PSPRSMDEFN using different SQLS  - Part 1 and Part 2 of my previous posts here.

    If a Search Index is built using the Verity(PORTAL_INDEX) process, finding the portal navigation is much simpler. One has to just type the keywords and Verity search index does the rest. However in PeopleTools 8.50 and HCM Enterprise Release 9.1, Verity no longer comes within PeopleSoft and requires separate installation.

    However, the advancement in Tools version 8.50 and application release 9.1 is that, PeopleSoft now has a delivered page which provides the portal navigation of any PeopleSoft Page, Component, Secondary Page and Content Reference.

    1. 'Find Object navigation' is the new content reference available to do this. You can find this under the navigation 'Enterprise Components -> Find Object Navigation'.
    2. It is also available in the navigation: Set Up HRMS > System Administration > Utilities > Portal Navigation Path

    PeopleSoft provides options to select navigation by one of the following options:
    • Component Name
    • Page Name
    • Secondary Page Name
    • Content Reference Name
    Based on one of the selections above, it takes appropriate inputs and gives the navigation path(s) to the specified page/component. As with Verity, this page also provides a URL which directly takes to the content reference for each of the retrieved navigation path. Another appreciable feature is that, it also tells if the particular content reference is hidden from navigation or visible.

    This is a great enhancement provided by PeopleSoft eliminating complicated SQLs and the numerous referencing methods we earlier used. Now PeopleSoft is relying on itself to find the navigation of its own objects. I am tempted to say bye-bye VERITY. GREAT and a Welcome Relief for several application developers.

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    1. You sir, are the king! Thank you very much for sharing keep up the good work!


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