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    How to Install Verity Search Engine for PeopleTools 8.50?

    This question might sound absurd for all those familiar with PeopleTools prior to version 8.50.
    Until PeopleSoft HCM Release 9.0, Verity Search engine was within PeopleSoft. With PeopleTools 8.50 and HCM Enterprise Release 9.1, Verity has to be installed separately. Here is a good post I found on installing Verity for Tools version 8.5.

    For previous version of tools(prior to PeopleTools 8.5), I have earlier posted on all about Verity Search engine and PeopleSoft Portal Registry which I knew at that point in time. However, today came across another detailed post with the step by step process for Verity Search from Hexaware blogs. This post can come in handy for beginners with Verity in older release of PeopleTools.

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