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    How to create a PeopleSoft user profile with only read only access but to ALL Pages

    I had no idea on how to provide read-only access to a PeopleSoft user until I came across this post. The user must be able to navigate through all pages however should not be able to modify any data or run any process.
    This post explains how one can provide all read-only access to PeopleSoft.

    A quick snapshot of the steps highlighted in this article:

    1. Creation(Copy) of user profile (which needs to be read only).

    2. Creation of a New Permission Lists(copy of full user's permission lists which needs to be read only).

    3. Making these newly created permission lists read only by setting 'DISPLAYONLY' field in PSAUTHITEM to 1.

    4. Creation of read-only roles (has nothing to make it a read-only role, just creation of roles as usual).

    5. Addition of the newly created permission lists in Step 4 to the roles newly created in step 5.

    6. Updating the cloned user profile's (step 1) roles to these new roles created in step 4.
    Finally as usual one would have to run the standard security processes like Portal Security Sync and SJT_OPR_CLS process.

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