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    All about PeopleSoft Portal Registry

    What is Portal Registry?
    Portal Registry is a collective term used for describing the online navigational structure of the PeopleSoft Internet Architecture (PIA) portal. The portal is a collection of folders and content references. A folder can contain another folder or a content reference (cref).

    Creation of PeopleSoft Portal Registry Definitions:
    PeopleSoft Portal Registry definitions are created while registering the component. Portal registry entries can be migrated from one environment to other as a PeopleSoft object. However Portal Registry entries are not supported to be viewed in Application Designer.

    What to do when Portal Registry Definitions are not showing up in Menu Pagelet?
    Sometimes Portal registry entries don't appear after migration, sometimes don't appear after registering the component. One simple reason is the security defined. If the user has access to the created portal registry entry then do the below:

    1) Double check that the portal registry entries have been migrated or created successfully.
    Navigate to: PeopleTools -> Portal -> Structure and Content
    Then navigate to the Folder(s), Content reference where the created portal entry should be. Ideally they should have been created/migrated. While doing this, refer the Permission List assigned to the content reference and verify that the user trying to access the cref is a member of this permission list.

    2) Check the database using the following query to ensure your content references/folders exist:
        SELECT *
        WHERE PORTAL_OBJNAME LIKE '%Reqd_Portal_Object_Name%' ;

    If this query does not return a row for the required Portal object name then make sure that the intended portal registry definition is included in the project and the Action and Upgrade flags are set as desired.

    If there is a row/entry for the Portal registry then clear the cache in the client and this would display the new content reference created. If this does not solve, then add a dummy entry to the portal registry. This dummy portal registry save will force a cache refresh and will solve the cache issue if it's a cache issue at server level. Without bringing the app server or web server to clear the cache this is a good way to delete(refresh) the cache. However don't forget to delete the dummy entry created.

    To find the portal registry entries in PeopleSoft, Verity search engine uses Registry search index. The PORTAL_INDEX application engine builds the registry search index. Click here to find more about Verity Search Engine, PORTAL_INDEX AE and Registry Search Index.


    1. Great article. Now I know how to make use of PS verity search

    2. Great information! We're preparing to implement PeopleSoft Recruiting Solutions. How important is portal to successfully implementing the recruiting module? Are there important gaps left by just using candidate gateway?

    3. Your SELECT statement was very helpful!


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