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    Jobcode Entry Date and Department Entry Date are not getting updated through POSITION_DATA

    Job Entry Date and Department Entry date does not get updated in PS_JOB record when position data is updated for either Jobcode or Department. When Jobcode or Department ID is updated in POSITION_DATA page and then the automated batch process is selected to update the incumbents of the position, Job Entry Date and Department Entry dates are not getting updated as desired. However the online process updates the Job Entry Date and Department Entry date fields as expected.

    Why does this happen? I have earlier posted about why these dates and position entry date are not in sync when changes are made to effdt for a hire dated row. Click here to access this post - Issue with Position Entry Date on Hire Date changes

    The issue specific to POSITION_DATA page while updating incumbents via batch process is a PeopleSoft delivered bug. The defective Record PeopleCode is in FUNCLIB_HR.UPDATE_INCUMBENTS.FieldFormula.

    From PeopleSoft Customer Connection, obtained the below information to address this delivered issue:

    Applies to:
    PeopleSoft Enterprise HRMS Human Resources - Version: 9 to 9 - Release: 9 to 9
    Information in this document applies to any platform.

    When we update the position data (Jobcode/Department) and select the automated batch process to update the Incumbents of that position, the batch process does not update the Job Entry Date and Department Entry dates as expected. However when we select the online process it updates all the fields as expected.

    Steps to Replicate:
    1. Go to Organizational Development -> Position Management -> Maintain Positions/Budgets -> Add/update Position Info.  
    2. Open a position and add a new row. Ensure the 'Update Incumbents' checkbox is selected on the Specific Information tab. Change the Job Code and save the page.  
    3. The following message will be displayed: "This position has xx incumbents. Do you wish to use a batch process to update incumbent data? (1000,997)". Click Yes to this message so that the batch process is triggered. 
    4. Verify that message (1000, 998) is displayed; note the process instance number on message. 
    5. Navigate to PeopleTools -> Process Scheduler -> Process Monitor and wait for the corresponding HR_UPD_INCMB process to complete.
    6. Navigate to Workforce Administration -> Job Information -> Job Data and open an employee who was associated to the above position number.
    7. The fields Job Entry Date and Department Entry Date have not been changed.
    The cause of this issue was code failure. The specific code relates to Record PeopleCode FUNCLIB_HR.UPDATE_INCUMBENTS.FieldFormula.

    This issue was raised to development in BUG1821142000 and has now been fixed in HRMS 9.0 Bundle #10 - update id 772858.
    Please do the following in a test environment.
    1. Download HRMS 9.0 Bundle #10 (Update ID # 772858) from My Oracle Support.
    2. Apply all of its pre-requisites.
    3. Apply Bundle #10.
    4. Retest issue.
    5. If the issue is resolved, please migrate the update as appropriate to the other environments

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