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    NAME is not getting updated in PERSONAL_DATA record

    Name values do not get updated in PS_PERSONAL_DATA record always. However the changes reflect in PS_NAMES record. Why is the non-sync between the NAMES and PERSONAL_DATA tables? Why does some of the rows are same in NAMES and PERSONAL_DATA record while some are not?

    I analyzed why name does not get populated in PS_PERSONAL_DATA and this seems to be a common issue and PeopleSoft itself has provided the refresh process to get these records in sync. PERS_REFRESH Application Engine (AE) process updates PERSONAL_DATA record.

    Below is the snippet from PeopleSoft customer connection(My Oracle Support).

    In HRMS Release 8.3,
    The PERSONAL_DATA table is no longer used as a table in the PERSONAL_DATA component. It was replaced by adding PERSON and moving fields to PERS_DATA_EFFDT. The PERSONAL_DATA table was retained as a snapshot table because of the number of references to it.

    This snapshot table is loaded in two ways.
    (1)Refresh the entire table - an AE called PERS_REFRESH (component RUN_PERS_REFRESH) was created to completely refresh the PERSONAL_DATA table from the PERSON, PERSONAL_PHONE, and current rows of PERS_DATA_EFFDT, NAMES, and ADDRESSES. This AE can be run at anytime.

    Define Business Rules -> Administer HR System -> Process -> Refresh PS_Personal_Data table.

    (2) Update the table with changes made online in real-time. In order to capture changes made to these records online, we used a subscription build on the PERSON_BASIC_SYNC message that would get the EMPLID from the message and then call an AE - PERS_UPDATE. This AE deletes the entry for that one person in PERSONAL_DATA and then rebuilds it using the same logic as PERS_REFRESH. The Message and subscription need to be active for this to happen,.

    In HRMS Release 8.81, navigation is
    Set Up HRMS -> System Administration -> Database Processes -> Refresh Personnel Rpt

    It updates through the process described below. The PERSONAL_DATA table is kept in sync with the online changes using a Message Subscription process on the message PERSON_BASIC_SYNC. This means that any process that publishes the PERSON_BASIC_SYNC message will cause PERSONAL_DATA to be updated. You may want to refresh the Personal Data table before running reports, but the online process should be keeping it up to date. You can refresh PERSONAL_DATA at any time without affecting the online updates if you suspect that something did not get updated, or you are having problems with the message queue.

    In HRMS Release 8.9 and above versions
    When 'Add A Person' or 'Modify A Person' is used, the function UpdatePersonalData is triggered from FUNCLIB_HC_CORE.EMPLID FieldFormula, which updates the PERSONAL_DATA, which is called by PERSON.EMPLID.SAVEPOSTCHANGE Event.

    Personal_Data is not updated from Biographical -> Names etc

    To refresh the Personal Data table, the following are the two processes:
    1)Refresh Personal Data
    Navigation - Set Up HRMS -> System Administration -> Database Processes -> Refresh Personal Data -> Refresh Personal Data

    The Refresh Personal Data component (PERS_REFRESH) loads the data types that you selected on the PERSONAL_DATA Settings page.

    2)Update Personal Data-Future
    Set Up HRMS -> System Administration -> Database Processes -> Update Personal Data-Future -> Update Personal Data-Future
    Run this process shortly after midnight to update the Personal Data component. The process will update data with future dated information that has become current.

    The Update Personal Data-Future process runs the HR_PERSDATA application engine program.

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