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    Hiding Menu Bar and Header in a PeopleSoft Page

    While doing Page Transfers to launch in a new window the menu bar and header also keeps appearing in the newly launched page. This would cause users to transact in both the source window from the page was launched and in the newly launched target window as well. This is because Menu bars are available in both the windows which would allow users to navigate to pages/components of their choice in both the windows.

    For a new window launched with only instructions need not require a menu and a header. If menus were needed in the newly launcehd window there should be no reasonable logic behind launching it in a new window for this could be accomodated within the same window from where it was launced.There are  particular functions that hides the menu bar, but it doesnot hide the top bar.

    In IT Toolbox I read one of the threads and consolidated my learning below.

    • Create a derived record with the HTMLAREA field.
    • Then in the Rowinit of this field copy the following code.
                Global integer &transfer;
                Local integer &tr;
                &tr = &transfer;
                rem Error ""
                If &tr = 1 Then;
                #RECORDNAME#.HTMLAREA.Value = " ";
                &transfer = 0;
    • Then place an html area in the target page, linked to the HTMLAREA field in the record previously created.
    • Finally, have the following code in the source page (the page with the button/link that makes the transfer to the target page) just before the Transfer function:
               Global integer &transfer;

    Since we are transferring within same component we do not need a global variable and can do it with a component variable.

    Hiding the "New Window","Customize Page" and "http" links of the page can be achieved by deselecting the pagebar links in the 'Component Properties' - 'Internet' tab. However this would hide the links even when the page is navigated through the Menu bar.

    I read another post on Linking to PeopleSoft pages directly from a link sent in an email. This would however prompt user to first login and then display this page. Here is the link to this post: Linking to pages directly in CRM 8.9

    I have never tried this; however still posting it in my blog to help myself whenever I need it.

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