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    Record which tracks PeopleSoft delivered Notifications(emails)

    Does PeopleSoft provide a way to track the workflows/emails sent?

    Is there a record or a log file which tracks the PeopleSoft delivered emails sent as a result of user transaction sin PeopleSoft?

    Is there a way to see which email was triggered to whom with what subject? Who was copied(Cc) and blindly copied(Bcc) in that workflow notification?

    Yes, PeopleSoft has a record named PS_PT_WF_NOTFY_TBL which keeps track of the user (CREATEDOPRID) who triggered the notificaiton, the time (CREATEDTTM) of the notification and To, Cc, Bcc details, Email Subject, Email Body.

    However PS_PT_WF_NOTFY record is used only for notification functionalities and not the standard workflow.

    Notification functionality is writted in the application package PT_WF_NOTIFICATION:Notification. This App Package has a method InsertNotificationRecord which inserts the notification details in PS_PT_WF_NOTFY table.

    This record can be used to track emails sent using Send Notification functionality. The only way I know to track PeopleSoft standard workflows that get triggered through TriggerBusinessEvent function is to check the smtp.log file.

    To track emails, first we could check this record with a query as simple as the below:
    If we could not get any information in this record chances are that the workflow which got triggered was not making use of the Send Notifcation functionality. 

    When we create custom workflows it is always a best practice to log the emails sent into a custom record which will help us track the emails sent. This would help us in tracking the custom emails when handling user issues.

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