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    How to Turnoff/Disable a PeopleSoft Workflow Event?

    How to disable a PeopleSoft Workflow?
    How to disable a particular PeopleSoft Workflow Activity/Event?

    This solution is applicable for PeopleTools version 8.4x including 8.44, 8.48, 8.49. I am not sure about other versions of PeopleSoft and I firmly believe the other versions of PeopleTools will also behave the same way. There are three methods that we could do it.
    Method#1 - The Application Designer Way:
    In Application designer, we can Open and turn off the Active check box for each Activity, event.

    Method#2 - The backend way (database update):
    Alternatively, the same result could be achieved by turning off the Active flag record in PSEVENTDEFN record. This would be the most preferred way to prevent workflows getting triggered for a short term for example like the day when mass data updates through PeopleSoft CIs. Once the data updates are over the Active flag can be turned on again by a record update script.

    Method#3 - The PIA way:
    Navigate to PeopleTools -> Workflow -> Defaults and Messages -> Set Workflow Defaults
    Then uncheck the worklist and email boxes. However, this will disable all the workflows rather than just one particular event or required event(s).


    1. Hi Shyam,

      Can we disable the e-mail notifications to few users while keeping it on for others?

      The Email-user check box on the User Profile --> Workflow page is not working. (PT 8.50)


    2. hey Shyam,
      i appreciate ur work and help.
      i have a problem.
      now the situation is some what like this.
      12 peoples are routing to person X including person Y.and the person X sud routed to person Y.but currently all the 12 people are routing to person Y.so i have to change all the routing of 12 people to person X and person X sud route to person Y.so in which page i can do this by writing what code can u plz guide me???now we are using pplsoft 8 and this is in finance .i need this urgebntly....thanks in advance...

    3. Hi Pragnya,
      are you using PS standard workflow? If so, plz detail what your rolequery used for routing is doing.
      Plz clarify what is driving the routing order, i mean if you could elaborate on which logic is used to determine who reports to whom, it will be easy to assist you.


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