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    PERSONAL_DATA record not getting updated properly

    PS_PERSONAL_DATA record is a physical table to hold snapshot of EMPLOYEES data in PeopleSoft-HCM. However, this record does not get populated online for all components. Data in this record gets populated either through IB message when data is updated online. Some of the fields in this record does not get updated through IB message and this is updated through a delivered Application Engine process - PERS_REFRESH.

    Specifically name field doesnot get populated as name is not there in PS_PERSONAL_DATA. This has to be updated through delivered process and below is the information from Customer Connection

    When 'Add a Person' or 'Modify a Person' is used, the function - 'UpdatePersonalData' is triggered from FUNCLIB_HC_CORE.EMPLID FieldFormula, which updates the PERSONAL_DATA record. This function is called from PERSON.EMPLID.SAVEPOSTCHANGE Event.

    Personal_data is not updated from Biographical > Names etc
    To refresh the Personal Data table, the following are the two processes:

    1) Refresh Personal Data
    Navigation: Set Up HRMS -> System Administration -> Database Processes -> Refresh Personal Data -> Refresh Personal Data

    The Refresh Personal Data component (PERS_REFRESH) loads the data types that you selected on the PERSONAL_DATA Settings page.

    2) Update Personal Data-Future

    Navigation: Set Up HRMS -> System Administration -> Database Processes -> Update Personal Data - Future -> Update Personal Data-Future

    Run this process shortly after midnight to update the Personal Data component. The process will update data with future dated information that has become current. The Update Personal Data-Future process runs the HR_PERSDATA application engine program.

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    1. should 'Update Personal Data-Future' have to setup as daily process like ' Nightly SJT Refresh Process ' ???


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