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    Error updating incumbent record when Position data is updated online or through a CI

    When Position Data Component Interface (CI_POSITION_DATA) is called in an Application Engine and when tried to run, the below error message comes up and the corresponding position numbers and incumbents are not updated.

    Error changing value. {CI_JOB_DATA.COLL_JOB(1).PROP_ESTABID} (91,34)

    Error updating incumbent with Employee ID 00000000, Employee Record # 0. (1000, 1358)

    An error occured when updating this incumbent through the update incumbent function. Go to Job Data to manually update the information for this incumbent.

    When the particular position number is updated online, the same error message would appear without allowing the transaction from getting saved. So this iterates the fact that the issue is not caused from the calling AE and is with the Job/Position data.

    From Cutsomer Connection it can be found that, this happens when one of these values are changed in Position Data page - Location, Business Unit and Department. PeopleSoft has provided bundles for these issues. But even before going to that level there are few basic validations to be done which are mentioned below:

    1. Go to the Job Data page for the specified emplid
    2. Try doing similar changes in Job Data page by overriding the position data in a new row or existing row(as per requirement)
    3. Now save the Job data page and correct all the error messages that comes up. In this process the error message which caused the position data CI to error out will also appear.
    4. Try correcting this data condition and update data through position data page or CI and the data would get saved.
    5. If this does not help, go to customer connection and check for bundles.
    These sort of errors usually come when invalid values are entered in the prompt. If invalid values are entered in the prompt, PeopleSoft copies the field value from the previous row and updates. In such a case if the previous field value has been made inactive now then above such errors would be thrown. This can happen even if CI does not supply values to these fields as PeopleSoft will copy from the previous rows' values.

    In this above example, incumbent record was attempted to save with an invalid Establishment Id which caused this issue. Either the Establishment id of that incumbent has to be made active or a new valid establishment id has to be updated for the incumbent record which will solve the issue.

    Another known issue when updating POSITION_DATA component through CI_POSITION_DATA component interface is the error message: "Data being added conflicts with existing data. (18,2)". This error message is thrown only when Position data component is updated by calling Position Data CI and when we attempt to insert/update 2 or more position numbers in one process session. I have blogged about this issue and solution in: http://peoplesoftwiki.blogspot.com/2009/09/tackling-duplicate-row-issue-in.html

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