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    PeopleTools tables giving information on the Standard methods of a PeopleSoft CI

    Recently I was looking at a number of PeopleTools tables(metadata tables) related to PeopleSoft Component Interfaces.

    PSBCDEFN is the definition table for Component Interfaces which most of us would know. This table has a field called VERSION. This field gives information on how many times a Component Interface is saved. However what kept me most interested is the values stored in BCSTDMETHODS field in the same record PSBCDEFN. This field gives information on the various standard Component Interface methods associated with Component Interface.

    SQL Query:
    WHERE BCNAME = :1 /* Component Interface Name as in Application Designer */

    Possible Values in BCSTDMETHODS field:
    CANCEL - 1
    CREATE  - 2
    FIND        - 4
    GET          - 8
    SAVE       - 16

    1 comment:

    1. This number give information about delivered methods. What about user-defined methods ? Where do they get stored in relation with component interface?



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