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    Other Insurance field gets invisible for Federal employees if Industry and Industry Sector is invalid

    After performing upgrade to 9.1 from PeopleSoft 8.9, for few of the employees the Other Insurance Indicator field got invisible. On analyzing the issue, got to know that it happens only for a few employees and they all were tagged to a particular Industry sector (which was done for some testing) and this industry sector was different in 9.1 than it was in 8.9. Other than this, could not find any other similarity or reason as to why the OTH_INSURANCE(Other Insurance) field on the HEALTH_BENEFITS1 table would go invisible.

    Further analysis revealed that, I had changed the Primary permission list for few users and all those userids would face the same fate. Because, the Industry and Industry Sector both are tied to the Organization Defaults by Permission Lists. For the userid(OPRID) I used to test, the Industry value was set to invalid one. 

    Set Up HRMS > Foundation Tables > Organization > Org Defaults by Permission List

    If the value for Industry is ''Government'' and the value for Industry Sector is "US Federal Govt" then this issue happens. Changing these field values makes the OTH_INSURANCE field visible. Instead of going to the above navigation, these values can also be checked  in PS_OPR_DEF_TBL_HR table. Also make sure that, Federal is selected in the Installation table - Products page (INSTALLATION_TBL1) for this to work.

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