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    User Customizations to a PeopleSoft Page and Grids are lost

    In a PeopleSoft page where user customizations are present, those changes could be lost after making some change to the page. This can also happen after making major changes or during application upgrades where in a user's customizations in a page are lost. Reading my earlier post on PeopleTools table where user customizations on a PeopleSoft page are saved could give a background of how these customization may be lost.

    When a new field is added or when a field is deleted or even when replaced with another field in the PeopleSoft page, these changes are most likely disturb the FIELDTYPE value in PSUSERTYPEOBJ table. For example, if a row in PSUSERTYPEOBJ table had its FIELDTYPE value as 53 and now got changed to some other number say 52 or 54, due to some changes made to the page, it is likely that either a field is deleted or added to the page,  and so the runtime system computes a different value for the fieldnum of the grid.  Hence these customizations get disturbed. The same may happen when a field in a grid in a PeopleSoft page is either changed in order or added or deleted. So this way also the users' page customization may be lost.

    So, the solution is, actually there is NOT MUCH WE CAN DO to preserve the user customization during major application changes and Upgrades.

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