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    Processes getting Queued - Part 4 - AE Processes remain Queued when SQR with Email option Fails

    App Engine Processes remain Queued while other type of Processes like SQR Report, SQR Process, Crystal Reports run to completion.

    When I was faced with such a situation I was little bemused and checked the Process Scheduler and system settings without finding any clue.

    With the help of PeopleSoft Administrator, I found that all PSAESRV services were busy and hence I thought the system could not assign any further App Engine process. After waiting for a while, the result was the same. I could not see any process running through Process Scheduler in PIA and I decided also to check the Process Request and Process Queue tables. Inspecting the data in  PSPRCSRQST and PSPRCSQUE tables I could find no trace of any AE processes running.

    Then viewing the mstrschdlr_mmdd.log file at boot up, it listed the current running tasks, which had a Sqr program with an "Error" status. Initially chosing to ignore this information and trying several other stuff found nothing working. With little bit of help from google results, I zeroed in on the SQR program which resulted in error. The SQR which resulted in error had distribution method as Email on completion.

    This was a delivered PeopleSoft Issue that all the App Engine processes remain queued if SQR program with Output Type of "Email" ends in "Error".

    To resolve this issue need to apply maintenance patches to: 8.46.18, 8.47.11 or 8.48.05.

    Alternatively, we need to manually remove the offending Sqr processes, and it could be done by running the below SQLs:

    UPDATE psprcsrqstSET    runstatus = 2
    WHERE  runstatus = 3
          AND prcstype IN ( 'SQR Report', 'SQR Process' );

    UPDATE psprcsque
    SET    runstatus = 2
    WHERE  runstatus = 3
          AND prcstype IN ( 'SQR Report', 'SQR Process' );


    Bounce all the schedulers to force the Master Scheduler to pick the updated list form the database.

    The list of those processes can be viewed by running the below SQLs against the database:

    In PSPRCSRQST Record:
    SELECT *
    FROM   psprcsrqst
    WHERE  runstatus = 3
           AND prcstype IN ( 'SQR Report', 'SQR Process' );
    In PSPRCSQUE Record:
    SELECT *
    FROM   psprcsque
    WHERE  runstatus = 3
           AND prcstype IN ( 'SQR Report', 'SQR Process' ); 

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