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    Processes getting Queued - Part 3 - Processes with "Do Not Distribute" get queued.

    If one process scheduler is down in a multi Process Scheduler environment with a Master Scheduler then all the processes remain queued. Why is it so?

    This can happen due to a property called as "Do Not Distribute" in the process scheduler. If Do Not Distribute is unchecked, then all the processes scheduled to run in a particular scheduler and if it is down then the process will be redistributed to another server. If this is checked, in case a particular scheduler is down then all the processes remain queued until the server comes back online.

    Let us take an example that there are two schedulers one each in PSNT and PSUNX. Let's assume that the process scheduler in NT OS is PSNT which could run a maximum of 4 processes at any time and process scheduler in UNIX OS is PSUNX which can run a maximum of 8 processes any time. So a maximum of 12 processes can be run anytime.

    If PSNT scheduler is configured with "Do Not Redistribute" option and PSNT server is running 4 processes and PSUNX running 8 processes both reaching their maximum limits and at this juncture, if PSNT server is brought down, the Master Scheduler will try to run the first 4 processes submitted to PSNT, but it cannot run them as the scheduler is down and it cannot reassign the processes because of the "Do Not Redistribute" option. As a result, all subsequent processes will remain queued until PSNT is up and runs the pending processes. As a result, processes will get queued on Master Scheduler without the redistribute option.

    This issue is supposed to be fixed in PeopleTools 8.50 and later.

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