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    Portal Security Synch process - Part 3 - When to Run Portal Security Synch and Prerequisites to run it?

    The Portal Security Synchronization process – PORTAL_CSS enables to perform clean up and synchronize content reference permissions and folder permissions.
    When to run the Portal Security Synch process?
    1.  The Portal Security Synch process needs to be run when migrating security from one database to another. Portal object security settings can get unsynchronized when portal objects are moved from one database to another using the Project Copy feature in PeopleSoft Application Designer. When you merge projects this way, if the projects contain any portal objects with identical names, the security settings of the portal objects in the last project copied overwrite the security settings of portal objects copied earlier. Also, when a copied portal object doesn't overwrite an existing object, it changes the structure of the resulting portal registry hierarchy.

    2.  The Portal Security Synch process ONLY needs to be run after an upgrade or as specified above - when migrating security from one database to another. During an upgrade, it is good to run this process with the "Delete Invalid Security" option enabled.

    3.  This process does NOT need to be run all the time or be setup as a process to run in any schedule. Since database security does not change very often then running this process all the time, is a waste of time.

    Prerequisites\Constraints to be considered before Running Portal Security Synch process:
    1.   It is also important to delete the Application Server and Process Scheduler cache before and after running this process.  The Portals involved have very complex relationship with each other, and some changes in running this process may cause versioning to be out of sync.  It is important to do this each time the program is run.

    2.   When running the Portal Security Synchronization there should be no other users in the system.

    3.   Database tables may be locked during this process. This process will take from a few minutes to a few hours, depending upon the volume of the portal data. Hence, the process should be planned with downtime of Production.

    4.   The User ID, invoking this process, must have either the 'Portal Administrator' role, or the 'PeopleSoft Administrator' role.

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