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    How to show the Display Name of a Person instead of email address for emails sent through SendMail function?

    While using SENDMAIL function, the from and to Address gets displayed as email address and not as the Display Names that usually gets displayed for other types of emails. I searched if that is a feature controlled by Outlook but without any success. Finally, I found a work around that will display both the user name and email address in From and To Addresses.
    Code to Use:
    &MAIL_FROM = Char(34) | "Display Name - of From User" | Char(34) | "<FROM_Useremailaddr@xyz.com>";
    &MAIL_TO = Char(34) | "Display Name - of To User" | Char(34) | "<TO_Useremailaddr@xyz.com>";

    Now an email sent using SENDMAIL function, will look as:
    From address: "Display Name - of From User" <FROM_Useremailaddr@xyz.com>
    To address:   "Display Name - of To User" <TO_Useremailaddr@xyz.com>

    You may also be interested to read about Sending HTML embedded emails using SENDMAIL function in one of my previous posts.

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