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    How to find which components, portal objects a PeopleSoft user, Role, Permission List has access to?

    I came across a process that I have never seen before in PeopleSoft. This process analyzes the portal navigation structure for users, roles and permission lists. It reports which user/role/permission list have access to a Portal, Content Provider and Portal Object. 

    As an alternative you can also read my earlier post on Finding Permission lists and Security details for PeopleSoft components by using SQL Queries. This article has my SQL query which I have mostly relied upon to find out the access details for a PeopleSoft Menu, Component and Page.

    Component Definition Name:

    Set Up HRMS > System Administration > Utilities > Portal Analysis > Portal Analysis

    Process Name:

    Process Type:
    Application Engine

    Input Parameters:
    1. File Name -  The process will create a file with this name and populate it with the portal analysis. The process itself will distribute this file to the reporting repository.
    2. Portal Name - Name of the portal to be analyzed.
    3. Content Provider Name - Typically HRMS to analyze HRMS portal navigation.
    4. Process Result - It can be either Portal/Menu Path or Portal Navigation Hardcopy. The former gives a list of portal and menu paths and hides rest of the options in this page while the later does allow all the options in the page and creates a more hierarchial view of the navigation.
    5. Portal Object Name
    6. Display Levels - If blank, it prints all the levels otherwise prints the number of portal levels specified.
    7. Show Object Names  - Selecting this displays the object name of the CREFs/Folders.
    8. Show Menu.Component.Market - Selecting this displays CREFs menu, component and market information.
    9. Supress Hidden Objects - To display or suppress hidden objects.
    10. Finally the most important 'Apply Security Based On' - UserId or Role or Permisson List.

    1 comment:

    1. Set Up HRMS > System Administration > Utilities > Portal Analysis > Portal Analysis

      Using this i can get navigation of component but please tell me how to get permission list and roles associated with the same component


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