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    Instant SQL Formatter

    How many times we would have written pages of SQL and found it difficult to align manually?
    Most often we have the raw SQL and end-up facing difficulties to align and format for technical and design documentation purpose in MS-Word. Yes, there are certain third party database tools that provide features to format SQL. However the formatting by these tools are not robust enough, and also the level of formatting cannot be changed and we have to accept whatever the third party tool does. 

    Here is a wonderful website I came across today. It accepts SQL written for MS Access, Oracle, DB2 etc as input and gives a neatly formatted SQL as output. What's more one the flexibility to chose the level of formatting. It even provides output in Java, VB, PHP and many more(Not sure how it works)... Check this link to try it yourself: Instant SQL Formatter

    This URL even gives the formatted SQL in HTML format to embed with blogs and other web links.

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