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    How to Test Remote Call Service in PeopleSoft?

    Programs in PeopleSoft can make a remote call to another COBOL program. The application server handles the remote call made to the COBOL program. It is very common to receive Remote Call errors in several COBOL programs called using Remote Call Service in PeopleSoft.

    Starting with PeopleTools 8.4, COBOL files are not precompiled. First up, verify that all the COBOL programs that eventually get called from the RemoteCall service are compiled in a PeopleSoft certified compiler.

    Test the RemoteCall Service in the below navigation and make sure everything is perfect.
    PeopleTools > Utilities > Debug > People Tools Test Utilities.
    In this navigation, click upon 'Test' in 'Remote Call Test'. The message retrieved should say Remote Call function worked as expected; the returned value from the call was as expected and the return value was zero.

    This remote call test is not a solution; it only helps isolate where the problem is occurring, and points out where to look next for the cause and the remedy. If this test fails, then this is a remote call / AppServer issue. If it works fine, then the problem is on the application side. Try the remote call test in both 2-tier and 3-tier to see if results differ.

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