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    How to encrypt a password and validate it with the value in PSOPRDEFN table in order to RE-authenticate a PeopleSoft user?

    Came across this question in ITToolbox.
    User wants to prompt for userid and password to a new page created. Since the password stored in PSOPRDEFN table is encrypted, user wanted a suggestion. For this page, user can enter any PeopleSoft userid/password in PSOPRDEFN table and it may or may not be the same userid as the one initially launched this page.

    HASH function would help to decrypt the password.
    &HASHPW = Hash(&PASSWD);

    Then to force validations based on the retrieved userid and password.


    1. Hash(&passwd) will not return a clear text (decrypted) password. I think the title should read "How to encypt a password and authenticate a PeopleSoft user?".

      Hash is a one way function, you can only go from clear text to an encrypted password.

    2. Thats right Ramesh, dint notice it.
      Thanks for pointing!!


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