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    Check Printing and YTD check data in prior Paychecks

    This post answers the below two questions.
    1. What are the steps needed to print the paychecks as a PDF? 
    2. Why YTD data is not displayed in all pay checks?
    Paychecks are displayed under the following navigation:
    1. Self Service > Payroll and compensation > View paycheck and
    2. Payroll for North America > Payroll Processing USA > Produce Payroll > Review Self Service Paycheck
    It looks like in ePay module irrespective of the PeopleSoft HCM version, paychecks display YTD paycheck data on the current check only. The prior paychecks do not display the YTD information and this is how the delivered product works.

    While Oracle has specified that this is not a delivered issue and is how the product actually works. However, customers might actually want the system to display YTD info on all paychecks irrespective of whether they are current or prior checks. What if customer wants to print PDF paychecks? 

    HRMS release 8.9:
    NA Payroll:
    ePay PDF (XMLP) paycheck printing is not available for Payroll North America until release HCM 9.0. The only option for NA Payroll customers using HRMS 8.9 is to customize the application to print PDF paychecks. 
    Global Payroll:
    However this functionality - 'ePay PDF (XMLP) paycheck printing' is available on Global Payroll HCM 8.9 but not in North American Payroll. 

    The XMLP feature is delivered in PeopleTools 8.48 and have to configure it.

    HRMS release 9.0 and above:
    NA Payroll & Global Payroll:
    In release 9.0, a feature been introduced to generate paycheck in PDF format using XML Publisher. YTD amounts for earnings, taxes, deductions, as well as leave balances get displayed on all checks that are generated using this option. The required setup and other relevant details can be found in ePay PeopleBooks and North America PeopleBooks.

    The XML data of the PDF checks and advices are stored in the database. As long as the XML data and the XMLP check/advice templates are in the database employee will be able to view his/her PDF checks or advices.

    However Oracle does not provide a delivered strategy or process for archiving the historical XML data and its purely customer's responsibility. Click here to find out how to setup XMLP process for NA Payroll and run them.


    1. Hi! We are unable to open the PDF Paychecks. It only hums and haws and acts like it is opening, however the pdf paycheck never opens. Please assist.

    2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    3. Very useful information. There are also software available to download the payroll files in PDF.



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