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    Processes getting Queued - Part 1 - Why all PS processes in Process Scheduler are in Queued status?

    Why PeopleSoft processes are not running and getting queued?
    So often Process requests to the PeopleSoft Process Scheduler gets queued infinitely and they never start running. There are a number of reasons why PeopleSoft process gets queued even though we verify that no other process is running exclusively causing the current process to get into queued status. This post does not provide all the reasons why the processes get queued however briefs on the obvious solution of restarting the PS Process Scheduler and a basic troubleshooting that can be done by PeopleSoft developers. Ususally when processes get infinitely queued in PeopleSoft Process Scheduler, usually we retort to restarting the Process Scheduler service and clearing the cache. However, there are several reasons why a process gets queued and restarting the Process Scheduler is not necessary for all the reasons.

    One validation that needs to be done before even requesting for Proccess Scheduler restart is that, the data in the below three tables need to be in sync.
    1. PSPRCSRQST - This record contains the process request information to run a process request.
    2. PSPRCSQUE - This record also contains the process request information to run a process request.
    3. PSPRCSPARMS - Contains the Process Request parameters used by the Process Scheduler.
    These tables must have same number of rows. If even one table has additional or lesser number of rows than the other two records, the orphan additional instances should be removed in the other one or two tables. Ofcourse, restarting the process scheduler and clearing the process scheduler cache will resolve many a number of issues.

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