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    How to change default SETIDs for a Business Unit?

    First up, how to associate a SETID with a Business Unit in PeopleSoft?
    It's a one time activity done while creating a Business Unit. However SETIDs cannot be changed as easily as one would think after the creation of a Business Unit

    Business Units(BU) are created and maintained in the navigation: Set Up HRMS -> Foundation Tables -> Organization -> Business Unit

    In this BU page, under 'Default Record Group Setids' either a new SETID can be entered or SETIDs setup can be cloned from an existing Business Unit.

    Until an option is chosen, only one field is editable and other is disabled. If the cursor is positioned to 'SETID' then 'Clone from Existing Business Unit' is disabled and vice-versa.
    Once an option is chosen and saved, both the options get grayed out and one cannot modify this default SETID. So how to change the SETIDs once a Business Unit is setup and associated with a different SETID?

    There are two ways to change the SETIDs for a Business Unit:
    1) Conventional - PIA method:
    Navigate to PeopleTools -> Utilities -> Administration -> TableSet Control
    Type in the setcontrol value in the search page.
    Change the default setid to a required new SETID. Doing this would associate the new SETID for all the Record groups for that BU. If you need to change the SETID only for a few Record Groups then change the setids for each record group instead of changing the default SETID.

    2) Backend(database update) method:
    Default setid in the below table's has to be updated to replace the PeopleSoft delivered default setid.
    • and the Record group table
    Record group table can be PS_REG_REGION_TBL, PS_LOCATION_TBL, PS_DEPT_TBL and so on. If you need to change the SETID for a Region from 'ABC' to 'XYZ' then update the above three tables and PS_REG_REGION_TBL.


    1. I really enjoy your blog Shyam. Hey, I noticed that I can't seem to update the default set id on BUS_UNIT_TBL_HR via the pages if I make a mistake. It's grayed out. As such, I updated it via SQL.

    2. Google has led me to your blog a few times where your notes have helped me out greatly. Nice job and thank-you!


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