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    How to Configure Crystal Reports in PeopleSoft?

    Configuration of Crystal Reports in PeopleSoft:

    From PeopleSoft PIA environment in which Crystal Reports need to be configured, access 'Configure' content reference through the below navigation:
    PeopleTools -> Query Access Services -> Configure

    In this content reference you will find two tabs(Pages) - 'Query Access Services' and 'Business Objects Enterprise'.

    Query Access Services Page:
    In the first page - 'Query Access Services' under 'Query Access Services Integration Gateway URL' and  'Query Access Services Result Repository URL' provide fields to enter QAS URL and URL respectively.

    Query Access Services Integration Gateway URL:
    The QAS URL provided in 'Query Access Services Integration Gateway URL' is used by external applications to interface the PeopleSoft Query Access Services (QAS). While creating a Crystal Report use this QAS URL as PeopleSoft Enterprise connection to connect to the PeopleSoft Query access services. Once a connection is established to the QAS URL through Crystal Reports, we can use the underlying PS-Queries created in PeopleSoft. Generally QAS URL are as below:
    http:// machinename:port# followed by :/PSIGW/Query/ListeningConnector

    This URL is derived from the local Integration Gateway URL and can be edited. If abcd is the machine name and 1234 is the portname then the QAS URL is http://abcd:1234/PSIGW/Query/ListeningConnector. The QAS URL is potentially the same as PeopleSoft PIA url used to login to the same machine name and the change in URL is only after the portname and is suffixed with PSIGW/Query/ListeningConnector.

    Query Access Services Result Repository URL:
    The URL provided in 'Query Access Services Result Repository URL' is where the results of PeopleSoft query are saved. The machinename is same as the Gateway URL entered above. Generally URL is as below:
    http:// machinename:port# followed by :/PSIGW/QASRepositoryWriter

    Here we can specify the maximum size for the query results to be fetched in units of Megabytes.

    BusinessObjects Enterprise page:
    In this page, there are three sections explained below.

    BusinessObjects Enterprise:
    There are two editable userid and two editable password fields.
    1. Enter the 'Administrative user' which is typically the BO Admin userid with its password.
    2. Enter the 'Viewing User' and the corresponding password.
    BusinessObjects Web Server:
    Enter the BO Web server URL here. This is the location of the Business Objects Enterprise (BOE) web server. All that's needed to be entered here is http:// followed by the machinename:port#

    BusinessObjects Database:
    This is the location of the BusinessObjects Enterprise(BOE) - Central Management Server (CMS) database. There are two editable fields here:
    • CMS Machine Name - enter machinename:port# in this field. This can be same as the BO Webserver machine name.
    • BOE Domain Name - enter the domain name however this is an optional field

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