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    Scheduling/Running a SQR from Peoplecode

    A PeopleSoft Application Engine(AE) can be called from peoplecode using CALLAPPENGINE function(except within the AE, to call AE within an AE we use Call Section). But how about running a SQR by peoplecode without taking the user to Process request page. The best way to do it is to create a process request and schedule it.

    Below is the sample code to run a sqr through peoplecode by creating a process and scheduling it.

    /* Declare a ProcessRequest object */
    Local ProcessRequest &PRCSRQST;

    /* Declare name of the sqr JAN_PRCS to be processed */
    Local String &SQR_TO_PROCESS;

    /* Create a Process Request Object; */
    &PRCSRQST = CreateProcessRequest("SQR Process", &SQR_TO_PROCESS);

    /* Set Properties of the Process Request Object; */
    REM CreateProccessRequest function takes these 2 arguments - Process Type and the Process Name;

    &PRCSRQST.RunControlID = "JAN07";
    &PRCSRQST.SetOutputOption("Web", "PDF", "", &SQR_TO_PROCESS);

    /* Schedule the SQR */
    If &PRCSRQST.Status = 0 then
    /* Schedule successful. */
    /* Process (job) not scheduled, do error processing */

    Similarly, Crystal Reports can be run via peoplecode but what has to be made sure is a PROCESS DEFINITION must be added as Crystal Reports.

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